The Story of a Painting That Helped President Trump Elected in 2016 Poll

Nobody would ever have imagined that a painting attributed to “Leonardo DaVinci” from a Dallas Museum of Art would be popped up with a controversial story of the ongoing Special Counsel Investigation into the 2016 US Presidential election.

According to some recent studies it has been claimed that this painting that once sat in the graves of the Dallas Museum of Art, might have been used as a tool to launder money to support a mass misinformation campaign that helped President Donald Trump to win the election.

This painting came with a drastic saga of a Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev and the Donald Trump conspiracy.  It is believed, Salvator Mundi (Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece) is one of the successful investments done by the Russian entrepreneur.

But, is this really associated with Trump-Russia conspiracy? Well, some reports have shown that the painting was put up for the auction where the Russian entrepreneur claimed that the Saudis and the Emiratis bid for it on the high price.

And surprisingly the painting was sold for $300 million more than the original asking price for just over $450 million which was recorded as the highest for a work of art.

But Rybolovlev posits that the funds from the sale were then passed to the Psy-Group, which had ties to the Trump campaign according to a report. While the Art world insiders refused the accusations and dismissed the story.

But the art world’s arrogance for the theory hasn’t ended other publications from spreading it further. And this is the reason why this case solicited so much attention.