Things To Consider When Your Website Traffic Is Dropping!

For any online business, website traffic is the main target to reach for the business growth. This is clear, the more clicks your website get, the more your brand get recognition.

It ultimately helps in boosting sales and revenue by converting your visitors into valuable leads.

If you have noticed a sudden drop in your site’s traffic, this means you need to review your digital marketing strategies or it’s a time to contact an Australia’s top marketing company. There may be many reasons behind the sudden decline, let’s have a look at some issues what you need to consider in such situation:

Website Edits

Check Website Edits

Recent changes in your website can harm the load time of your page. As when you add or edit the existing page, it is not well detected by search engines. Moreover, you can monitor your web page rankings through automated SERP (search engine results pages) checkers.

Technical Issues

Your website edits are not always the reason, some technical errors like 404 error, long loading period, incorrect page elements can also cause a decline in leads.

web page load speed

Webpage Loading Speed

If you are based out of Adelaide and want to hire professionals to tackle these issues you can visit:  .

Else you can check these technical problems yourself by using these online tools:

• Google webmaster
• Moz
• Google Analytics

Meta Information

Meta titles and description plays important role in search engine rankings. This is your keyword that grabs you top position if it is an exact term most searched by online users.


Sometimes lack of meta information cause decline in traffic. These things happen if you’re maintaining your website without any SEO expert assistance. SEO experts keep check on all the possible issues and continuously work to remove them.

Google Updates

Google updates such as Panda, Penguin, and Fred have also affected the ranking of many websites with poor content quality and unnatural links. By focusing on the quality content, you can save your website traffic

google updates

Google Update Info

So, if you want to build a strong presence in the online market, you need to adapt the new marketing strategies which can only be possible, if you hire a professional digital marketing company.